The following are selected publications from 2014 - present. Please check Prof Hall's Google Scholar page, or Research Gate page for a complete list of publications.


* Indicates a student/trainee co-author (undergraduate, postgraduate or fellow). 
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In press
  • Hall, B.J., Chang, K., Chen, W., *Sou, K, Latkin, C., & Yeung, A. (in press). Exploring the association between depression and shenjing shuairuo in a population representative epidemiological study of Chinese adults in Guangzhou, China. Transcultural Psychiatry. Impact Factor 2.28. Scopus journal rank: Q1. Gs
  • Elhai, J.D., Tiamiyu, M. F., Weeks, J. W., Levine, J.C., Picard, K. J., & Hall, B.J. (inpress). Depression and Emotion Regulation Predict Objective Smartphone Use Measured Over One Week. Personality and Individual Differences, Impact Factor 2.005. Scopus journal rank: Q1
  • Mordeno, I., & Hall, B.J. (in press). DSM-5-based latent PTSD models: Assessing structural relations with GAD in Filipino post-relocatees, Psychiatry Research, Impact Factor 2.466. Scopus journal rank: Q1.
Editorials, comments & correspondence
  • *Xiong, P., Hu S., X., & Hall, B.J. (2016). Violence against nurses in China undermines task shifting implementation, Lancet Psychiatry. Impact Factor: 11.588. Scopus journal rank: Q1.
  • *Lin, L., Hall, B. J., *Khoe, L. C., & Bodomo, A. B. (2015). Ebola outbreak: From the perspective of Africans in China. American Journal of Public Health, 105, 5, e5-e5. DOI: 10.2105/AJPH.2015.302649. Impact Factor: 3.858. Scopus journal rank: Q1.
  • Canetti, D., Hall, B. J., Greene, T., *Kane, J., & Hobfoll, S. E. (2014). Improving Mental Health is a Key Catalyst for Reducing Political Violence in Israel and Gaza. The Lancet, 384, 493-494. DOI:10.1016/S0140-6736(14)61328-3.Impact Factor: 47.831. Scopus journal rank: Q1.
  • Hall, B. J.,Chen, W., Ling, L., Latkin, C., & Tucker, J. D. (2014). Africans in South China face social and structural health barriers. The Lancet, 383, 1291-1292. Impact Factor: 47.831. Scopus journal rank: Q1.